White Wolf shamanic initiations are a spiritual teaching free from all philosophical, religious ou political views. His Teaching, primarily oral, is transmitted during initiations. The practices given by White Wolf during these shamanic initiations aim to help us evolve towards another level of consciousness, much larger than the one we are used to. All of the shamanic initiations are spiritual methods allowing us to connect to a Higher Consciousness also called God or Great Spirit. This research necessarily involves a detachment from the ego.

During Initiations, White Wolf transmits Shaktipat to awaken Kundalini within us...

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Primitive shamanism dates back around 40,000 years. It is at the origin of the 4 great paths of Awakening: Shamanism, Christianity, Hinduism / Buddhism and Taoism. In these different paths we also find shamanic rites.

Shamanism is a path outside of all religions. It doesn’t enclose in a doctrine or in philosophical concepts, it is a practical path, not a theoretical one.

The shaman is there to establish bridges between the visible world and the invisible world, between the world of the living and the world of the spirits. He is a healer of soul and body, he sees the past and the future. But the real power of the shaman is that of Love and Service to the Divine (Seva).

The shaman uses the rhythm and sound of the drum to connect us to the elements. This is how he frees us from our ailments. But it is above all through his consciousness that the shaman aligns us with the language of the Origin of the worlds.

Shamanism of the Origin

chamanisme loup blanc chaman

The Higher Consciousness or Origin, as it presented itself to White Wolf, initiated him into a form of shamanism, Shamanism of the Origin.

In 2002, when White Wolf received the Ultimate Initiation from Origin, he invited his students to witness it. Those who were present during these 15 days of Shamanic Initiations were deeply touched by what they experienced.

Loup Blanc puts at the service of the Divine all the methods received by the Spirit and stemming from different traditions.

Chamanisme Loup Blanc Chaman

White Wolf's different names

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White Wolf has received several initiatory names which correspond to each great tradition and which he uses according to the teaching he transmits. In Native American traditions, the one with many names is considered to be a very wealthy person.

• In Hinduism, his name if Ahimsa Hridayananda, which means « non-violence of the heart of bliss ».
• In primitive Christianity, it’s Kyrios, none other than His civil first name translated in Ancient Greek ; its means “shepherd, friend of the Divine, little prince…”.
• In Taoïste tradition, he is called Wan-Yang, which means « ten thousand universes ».
• White Wolf is His Shamanic name, as well as that of one of his past incarnations, Red Cloud.
• The name the Origin gave him is Joachim, it means « raised by God ».

Loup Blanc refuses all labels that are linked to our limitations and our constant need for recognition and identification. You will understand, the titles of Shaman, Chaman-Yogi, Spiritual Guide or Master used in our pages are only used for referencing the site.

"Initiations" or "courses" ?

White Wolf gives shamanic initiations, but in no way does He give shamanic courses.

The goal of an initiation is to make us evolve towards another plane of consciousness. Initiation is not theoretical knowledge, it’s the transmission of initiatory knowledge

 which brings us into the Mystery of shamnism. It is also reconciliation with our heavily nature. 

The White Wolf initiations require the greatest sacredness, they take place  in perfect silence  so that the transmission can take place. Attention must be fully inward, which is why it is important to “shut off’ all your senses. In the shamanism tight by White Wolf, this attitude is essential..

Chamanisme de l'origine méditation en salle

Sacred Initiations

For several years now, White Wolf gives shamanic initiations and teaches several other practices… These initiations take place in perfect silence.

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Sharings with other awakening paths

White Wolf Shaman is recognized by other realized awakened Beings. This is why he is regularly invited to share his teaching.


For example, following his meeting with Master Zao, White Wolf Shaman became the European Qi-Qong Leader of this Chinese Master’s Crane Flight. Therefore, he’s the only master in Europe with this title.

During his last trip to India, Brahmans asked White Wolf Shaman to come and teach there, and even offered to find a place for teaching…

Grandmother Ayangat, a Mongolian shaman who was invited by White Wolf Shaman, watched with wonder the dance of the Condor of White Wolf Shaman. At the end of the Initiation, she testified that she saw in White Wolf Shaman “a shaman with an unequaled Spirit …”.

Regarding the shamanic path, Clayd of the Sheshoni tribe invited White Wolf Shaman (guest of honor) to Naraya in the United States!

He met Kakavera, a Shaman from Brazil, and Atawallpa, another Shaman from Ecuador who came to Europe to dance with him to the Origin rhythms. He met many other Shamans in the Amazon including Weston, a curanderos. They are friends. Weston recognizes in White Wolf Shaman an authentic shaman, and White Wolf recognizes in Weston a person of integrity who works with different Amazonian plants and who knows his shamanic art well.

Some of these Masters and Shamans were also invited by White Wolf Shaman to come to France to share their practice during shamanic initiations.


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