White Wolf’s Open Letter

Slave or Spartacus

– Part 3 –



He’s expressing what He thinks since He’s young: you’ve lost your power, the mass is asleep. You are being lied about lots of things. Ten years ago, He said that France would be on its knees economically. Ten years later, here we are, as well as other countries. One question: why don’t all these politicians govern wisely? Is it so difficult to make people free and happy? It seems so, especially if you want to fill your pockets with it. In fact, we are witnessing a crime against humanity, a crime against animals, nature and children.

What will they do with the nuclear waste in France? There are many leaks. In fact, we are already experiencing the consequences. EDF came to the land where He lives, they cut down trees and left them there, near the river. EDF has no respect for nature. Besides, numerologically, EDF equals 15, the Arcane of the Devil in the Tarot. When the Themis EDF central was built, He said in a conference that there would be a problem with this central, because Themis is the Karma. There was an accident with the pipes that heated, and during a Tarot cards draw, He announced it. A newspaper article was written at that time, He would have to find this article, to put it here, but He doesn’t know where it is. EDF tells you “We owe you more than light”, but it all depends on which light they are talking about? If it’s for the good of humanity, Light is positive, but if it’s to act against the planet, it’s not.


Progress wasn’t given to humans to waste this planet’s resources, and even less to pollute it.


We have entered the plastic era at the expense of glass. In the past, bottles were consigned and brought back to shops. It worked at the time, why haven’t we kept this way of doing things, instead of putting everything in plastic? Madness of men, madness of a few, plastic is an empire, we find it everywhere, even in the Mexican desert, in India, wherever He has traveled, it’s everywhere! The madness of men… especially those who are in power and like to lead and give orders, who think that your lives belong to them. But your life is yours.


You come to this Earth to learn to rediscover the Divine within and evolve towards more Light by becoming conscious and responsible.


You are co-creators of this world, you must take care of this planet, you are responsible for the reigns below you, you must respect the minerals, plants and animals of which you are part of. Instead, they are being massacred for money, stomachs are filled with their meat. We plunder, we dirty, we insult Mother Earth with all this, and you believe she’ll continue to be lenient for a long time? No, you have reached the point of no return. Some beings have repeatedly warned about such consequences, some scientists, honest journalists, doctors, enlightened beings…

We are at the point of no return, and it may even be, at the end of time, which has been so much announced. It is said in the Book of Revelation – He quotes this text regardless of religion, understand that well. It is said:


“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away,
and the sea was no longer any sea.”

Revelation 21:1


It represents the destruction of this planet, but it also means that we have to change our way of thinking (heaven) for another way of thinking, we have to leave the old habits of the body (earth) for a new way to embellish it. Thought and body are closely linked, if you think you are sick you become sick, if you think you are strong, you become strong.

The four riders of the Book of Revelation are the four races that will compete, they are the four directions, and the four ages of humanity. This virus is actually a bacteriological war, but who declared this war? In fact, He doesn’t believe anything when a politician opens his mouth and talks to you. He doesn’t believe these men of power, even if He wanted to believe, He can’t. There is, for some time, a dictatorship in place, like a tick on the back of a dog, why leave this in place? Why do people no longer have any power to decide?

This world is crazy, led by bloodthirsty lunatics! And yet He does not feel any hatred for these people, no He pities them, because they will pay a heavy Karma in their next life. What they inflicted to others they will face the consequences, power 10.

You wish to pass this test: believe in the Light, in the Force of the life in you, support each other, show care, patience, kindness and ask forgiveness from Mother Earth and the animals. Ask the Supreme Consciousness that your political leaders open their consciousness so they understand their mistakes. And especially, that they are dismissed from their functions, because here we are witnessing a crime against humanity. It is said Liberty, Fraternity, Equality. Which freedom are they talking about? The freedom where we are being confined ? Equality between rich and poor, between blacks and whites? Brotherhood… What kind of brotherhood are we living in when man makes war, when one wants to plunder the resources of other countries?

A new era is brewing, the world you know will no longer be, He explained everything in his songs 18 years ago. Today it is taking shape, we must all ask for forgiveness to the Supreme Spirit, because we believed that the life we ​​led was the one we had to live, but in reality you are a Spirit in a body. You are there to evolve and not to bring involution and project others in the abysses of darkness. Life is almighty, your Spirit is almighty. Look at the spring outside, every year it shows you victory over winter. For thousands of years, flora has tirelessly flourished. Remember when you went through a challenge and got out of it, either by an outstretched hand or by your own will.


Fear right now is your enemy, build a shield around yourself.
The only way to make this shield is the life force within you and the Faith in a more powerful Spirit than yours.


He regularly gives ceremonies for the 4 races. Each time, the drumstick hits hard on the white part of the drum which represents the white race. For those who want a ceremony, He is ready to let you enter the sacred drum, during the next ceremony. To register, send your surname, name, date of birth, as well as a photo of you, the country you are in and your motivation to enter the ceremony to this link. A comment space at the bottom of the next Ceremony page is created for you to leave the testimony of your experience.

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You will be informed of the next global ceremony White Wolf will give to awaken Consciousness. But know that it is not for sweet dreamers who think that sending peace to the world will have an impact. No, it will have no impact, because if you do not have Inner Peace, how can you pretend to send it to the world? Peace has to grow from within, just as Love, just as a relationship, if it does not come from deep within us, it cannot be. First of all, you have to enter yourself to develop all the qualities required to live your life standing like a real human being, while surpassing the animal in each of us. 


Everything that happens outside

is the result of your personal thoughts

that have been fighting since you were born.


Your thoughts have an impact on the mental plane, this is where they act and come to life. It is from this mental plane that all your wars take place, just as inside yourself where you confront daily between what you want or what you don’t want.

Countries have the nuclear bomb to maintain peace, therefore a false peace. And as He says, you have your own atomic bomb, it is your H-bomb: the Harmony one. Find Harmony, live in Harmony with nature and animals. When you find this Harmony, there can be no conflict – since you are in nature among animals – then it will be easier to make it flourish among human beings. When you are completely established in Harmony, nothing can disturb you. The power to change is within you, it is not outside of you. It is here and now, you have a choice today:

Remain a SLAVE

esclave esclavage




What will you decide?


It is obvious that He is not pushing you to bloody revolt, no, but to a revolt of conscience, to fully understand the stake of your freedom which will be violated and flouted soon. Group against this political scourge, because here there is a crime against humanity, your children will be slaves to this world order that’s in place, like an octopus that spreads its tentacles in all directions of space.

So what shall we do, will you ask? Well, He would tend to say that it’s too late to act, yes too late! Concretely, what are we going to do? Not much, ask for a judgment against this government perhaps, for crime against humanity. But you can also find your center within you and settle in Inner Peace, so it becomes the shield against the dark forces (political, pharmaceutical …).

Your incarnation belongs to you, your body is yours to evolve, to free yourself from the wheel of samsara, this is what you do from life to life. You come to learn the great lesson of Love, your consciousness is a tiny part of the Great Supreme Consciousness! There is a power within you, your breath, your Faith, and your Spirit, which, if it is unshakable, you cannot be afraid. If you know that you’re a Spirit in a body, what would you be afraid of, and of whom?

Often He quotes the Bible, but not in the context of the Catholic religion, because He does not believe in this religion, He quotes the words of the Master Jesus, because they are full of Truth! Although most of His words have been removed from the Bible.


“Strive to enter through the narrow door.
Because, I tell you, many will seek to enter, and will not be able to.”

Luke 13:24


This narrow door is not outside, it’s inside. It’s through this that we can uplift ourselves, closing our eyes and our senses to the attraction of the world (the vast door). If we look at the current world, there is only chaos, wars, manipulations. We are bombarded with false information, we are led in the direction of the vast door, we are prevented from thinking on ourselves. We are being lied to. Besides, governments = those who govern, lie (This is a french wordplay with the word “gouvernement”). Politics has been a lie ever since it started, because it is only the power that motivates them and nothing else. If politics were good, the world would not be like this, if religion were good there would be no war of religion.


The only religion you have to follow is the Supreme Spirit,

the Consciousness established in each of us.


But first you have to find it by passing through the narrow door. Many are called but very few can enter because this interior door only opens with spiritual work, a reconsideration of what we really are, because if we do not respect life in all its forms, we are not really spiritual.
We have corrupted humanity by believing that we can feed on dead animals, and yet, Jesus himself said:


“It’s good not to eat meat, not to drink wine,

and to abstain from what may be for your brother

(and your sister, adds White Wolf)

an occasion for fall, scandal or weakness.”

Romans 14:21


So why pretend that Jesus was eating meat, especially the Paschal lamb? Jesus belonged to the Essene community which was strictly vegetarian. Why did the Church let this happen? Because themselves, they’re not able to follow the true path of the Master Jesus.
They lied to you from the start, He named it:




All this to control the mass, to pollute your body and your Spirit with dead animals, this way the disease entered you, because you are not made to eat animal carcasses, but living food with respect and gratitude. You have been lied to from the beginning: politics, religion, official medicine (He leaves the real doctors aside) led by pharmaceutical lobbies. You have been lobotomized, as one cooks the frog 1 degree more per day, to finally be cooked and dead at the end.

Before concluding, He would like to say what a student told him: Police officers are wandering in parking lots and inside supermarkets, to show their strength by saying: “This isn’t useful and necessary ”. A young man had taken a bottle of Coca-Cola, the gendarme said: “It isn’t useful, put it back”. The student in question had a dozen products, the policeman said to her: “This isn’t really first necessity”. What does he know about what is necessary and what a person needs?

This is an infringement of freedom, a violation of human rights. Writing them down and then getting around them is a crime, and it’s reprehensible. They hold people in fear, to quietly operate their government manipulations and develop the world order, to govern us and to crush our freedoms.
We are their little robots: do this, do that, stop, work, obey … But in fact, they have no right, not more than telling you what you should eat and buy, or to open your bags (Here White Wolf is talking about the police checks carried out during shopping, in this period of confinement ). They may invite you to open them, but in no case search them or open them themselves. A question then arises: is it essential to keep tobacco shops open? Cigarettes kill 73,000 people in France every year, and 8 million people worldwide (according to 2019 figures, from the World Health Organization). So one can wonder: why keep making cigarettes with lots of chemical products inside, instead of making natural cigarettes without treated tobacco? Maybe because the market of death is more profitable than the market of life. Anything that can bring money to this government is allowed. They are the ones who set all this in motion: viruses, laws, confinement …

All this is their way of making you understand that you are nothing but a pocket that is emptied day after day, with taxes, PV, etc. They know how to do it, when it comes to emptying your pockets, they are not short of ideas. They confine you in FEAR, this way, you no longer think. They have confined you in this space, FEAR, to better control you, to direct you, to kill you better, little by little.


Yes, it’s a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, a crime against your children.


All these pharmaceutical lobbies steal your children’s lives, killing them with vaccines. The government is lying to you about a lot of things, it’s only lying, it’s the specialty of politics, lying. Certainly, some politics are good, but they are being put to silence, because of too many monetary issues in all this deception.
This government’s evil, politics are evil! Religion’s evil too, because the true religion is the one of the Supreme Spirit and in no case, the one that draws blood in the name of a certain God. They venerate lies as they venerate their egos.


Receive His bright thoughts as well as physical strength,

to get through this global struggle!

White Wolf 

cérémonie tambour avec loup blanc

Listen to one of the songs White Wolf wrote in 2002 !

He made this song 18 years ago, the same year he made Slaves of 2012 (available in Domination : Slave or Spartacus 2/3), to warn about what was going to happen, as well as on Youtube. Of course, this will surprise you, the music is unconventional, it’s free as well as the lyrics and has nothing to do with variety music. Music and lyrics were made instantly, live, without being altered. These songs were created to give a message, He never wanted to broadcast them outside the circle of students He trained.