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May 7, 2020
Wesak Ceremony.

The sacred drum will resonate in four directions, for the four races and the four ages of Humanity.
It will occur during the Wesak celebration (Shambhala),
you will feel these two energies merging together.


Registrations close May 4, 2020.

Tambour terre ciel

Take part in White Wolf’s Drum Ceremony


May 7, 2020


White Wolf exceptionally gives us the opportunity to take part in the upcoming distance ceremony. During this sacred moment, His drum resonates around the world and the Universe, to awaken the collective Consciousness, to protect animals, nature and Mother Earth.


Why is it important to take part in such events ?

Some beings have extraordinary capacities, they have a powerful creative thought and their Word is directly linked to the Celestial Word. White Wolf carries this pure magic inside! This magic should not be confused with white or black magic, we are talking here about the magic of the Word, the thought / word which gives the magic act. Understand that each time you take part in a distance ceremony given by such beings, the effects are strongly increased

Let yourself be transformed and transported by these powerful energies!

What is a drum ceremony ?

Initiations chamaniques avec Loup Blanc Chaman - Chamanisme de l'Origine

During a ceremony, White Wolf plays the drum, but also other instruments such as the rattle, the flute, the bells, the Jew’s harp, etc. In this sacred space, the strong presence and the Shakti of White Wolf act at a distance, on all dimensions of the human being and the universe: physical, psychic, emotional, mental, causal, etc.
When we have the chance to participate in such a ceremony, these energies are directly transmitted to us and act in each of us. We enter another state of consciousness and the feelings and perceptions are increased. This elevation leads us to the awakening of the “Consciousness conscious of being conscious” (expression of White Wolf) in Us. The power of the energies of a ceremony makes it possible to work at the karmic level, and also extends to our ancestors, by acting on several generations. The frequencies of the drum resonate with the Earth and animals to help them and restore the balance weakened by Man.


The Distance Ceremonies are a blessing for us, and for this planet.


A few days after White Wolf gave a ceremony to fight the fires in Australia, rain fell in some areas of the country, and that was a start towards the end of these fires. During the ceremony, White Wolf beat the Fire Spirit to appease it and called the Water Spirit to quench it. Each student who connected to this ceremony could feel its power and see its effects a few days later.


How does an off-site ceremony take place?

From 11 p.m. until early morning, White Wolf acts at a distance on Earth and the collective consciousness. To connect with these energies, we can ask to enter His Drum, by a special request. Then we can let ourselves be transported and transformed by the energies in presence, let them work during the night, for the Consciousness to work within Us.
Those who have a drum can join the rhythm of White Wolf drum and let the drumstick play by itself to travel through the vibrations of the ceremony.


How to receive this blessing?

For those of us who wish, White Wolf is ready to take us into its sacred drum during the next ceremony. In order to enter this sacred space, it is important to be in an attitude of openness and respect to allow us to receive the blessings of the ceremony.


Who can take part in ceremonies?

Exceptionally, White Wolf opens the space for distance ceremonies outside of His students. May therefore participate all those who wish. Participation in ceremonies is thus open to anyone who wish to change, to open their Consciousness to grow towards Harmony within themselves, and on this planet.

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Registrations close on May 4, 2020.

Loup Blanc nous offre cet instant sacré ; afin de Le remercier de ce que vous recevez, et pour respecter l’équilibre de la Loi d’Échange, vous êtes invités à donner vos témoignages sur cet espace, dans les commentaires en bas de la page.

Loup Blanc et tambour

White Wolf tells you…


It is necessary to think about our life, our involvement:

What have we done with our life?

We think we have time to do this or change,

but time catches up with us all one day or another,

and the angel of death will strike us, and then, time will be over.


Extract from the article Domination: the dominated or the dominated.

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