White Wolf’s Open Letter

– Part 2 –

Slave or Spartacus


In 1986, He already warned about everything that is happening today.

That’s why in 1993, He was kept silent.



White Wolf, about website referencing :

Here is what the search engine doesn’t like: color texts, capital letters, italics… In short, the Google search engine is a bit like the Heads of State who enclose you in lots of bans! About Google referencing, if you don’t apply these rules, you are relegated way back in the list of sites. Since the goal is to reach many, He will follow these dull rules.



“He who loves the Truth is certain to realize God.”



Why talk about this particular subject? Perhaps because people live in a permanent lie and no longer recognize the truth. The essence of manipulation is lies, governments lie openly and they don’t even hide anymore. There are so many themes we could mention on different subjects, there are so many subjects to see and understand, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explain everything, or even to try to explain the inexplicable. And yet, everything can be explained, but why do We have to explain?

First of all, to explain the two different dominations, one being passive and the other one active. In nature, domination is played out daily: who will dominate the other and who will be dominated? The weakest being defeated by the strongest, who in turn will be downgraded by someone stronger than him, such is the law of the jungle, if we can say so. We find this in our societies, politics and religion and, of course, the official medicine which is powerful, and not only in a good way, because it’s driven by pharmaceutical lobbies. Of course, in this batch of scorpions, we find good doctors and teachers who are helpless in front of these lobbies. Like He says, He doesn’t put everyone in the same basket of crabs. The good doctor at the service of the sick, the bad doctor at the service of pharmaceutical lobbies. The good farmer at the service of the living and the bad one at the service of death. This one uses pesticides to increase the yield of its production. This way, people are already poisoned by what they eat. All this is well put together. You are already affected, there, in your daily life, three times a day. Cattles are over-vaccinated for your protection, but in reality, it makes you fragile and sick.

We see this duality in all things since it’s present in every human being. It’s expressed in religions, which separate beings, leading them to a belief accordingly to their culture. Some use violence to establish their beliefs, would it be in religions, politics or otherwise. Politics is divided, so one of the parties is always stronger than the other, the elected party is the dominant, the others are the dominated. Those dominated will however try to dethrone the elected party, to take their place and be the dominant… This duality divides people, and divided people are easier to lead, they confront in their political differences and sometimes physically.

We also observe this during soccer games, two teams compete and run after a balloon, to score goals in the opposite cage. It sounds like a gladiators fight as in ancient Rome. It took a man, named Spartacus, to free the slaves from the yoke of Romans. Besides, during the 2018 World Cup, half the planet followed the games, which represents 3.572 billion people… what if we could do that tomorrow for a less absurd cause than chasing a balloon? But they’re called the gods of the stadium, just like the gladiators at the times of Rome, to contain and entertain the people. What you see in the stadium is collective hysteria.

Hunters make you believe that they regulate nature. No, they destroy it and kill a harmonious balance between animal reigns. He read this recently: in 2015, 85 billion of terrestrial animals were killed for human consumption, 1.5 billion in France. 150 billion per year, fish, birds, etc. killed worldwide! And over 1 trillion are dead because of the fires in Australia, but He thinks there are more. Why do white men need to destroy so much? An unanswered question, he may be a virus on this planet.

Gandhi said:

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

can be judged by the way

animals are treated”

But White Wolf adds:

“We judge a nation

by all the laws created

to govern the people and to muzzle them”

You’re also made to believe that sexuality has become a cultural debate. In movies, images show you how to act and behave, your thoughts are directed on sexuality. From the first scene, from the opening of the film, we see frenetic sexual intercourse or people sitting on the toilets, urinating, why do we need to see all of this? It seems directors no longer make movies without putting all these scenes. And on top of that, in certain movies, we see people sniffing all around.

In a relationship, in all situations we want to dominate or be dominated. Your emotions very often dominate you: hatred, love, fear, doubt, lust, jealousy… Why do we need a dominant? Just as the alpha wolf, why don’t we name it as it is: dominant? The dominant has to defend his position and has to be respected, otherwise he risks losing his place. He must never leave or give up his land, his territory, his space, his circle where no one enters without authorization; just as the powerful countries of the world who believe themselves to be all-mighty, they create chemical, nuclear weapons, etc, to impress other countries, a bit like roosters!


Dominator, dominated, two sides of the same coin.


Human domination is achieved with authority. We establish our power over others, we submit them. Men must be submitted to be controlled, otherwise how could you order anyone? The weapon of this submission is fear. Yes, fear. This way, they make you abide, as for this pandemic, they force you to stay at home, cut off from your friends and perhaps your loved ones. It would be a good thing if nothing was building up behind the scenes of this pandemic!

To be submitted is to be dominated, you have to get out of this inferior state that is imposed by politics, laws, religion, medicine. You are dominated by fear, the police and the army. You have no right to possess weapons. You need to be a hunter and have a license for that, a license to kill innocent animals, which are in their living environment. They take away your right to defend yourself when you’re being attacked, even at home. If you were to defend yourself and kill your attacker, you’d be found guilty. How many innocent people end up in prison, how many, left to die in prison, were innocent?

He said above that two dominations are to be explained, one is positive and the other negative. Let’s explain that now. The negative one is the domination of a sectarian, ruling authority, relentless in its ideas, such as politics, religion, law, and official medicine which doesn’t leave room for holistic or natural and benevolent medicine. The law dominates you, you are confined. Be careful not to violate this law, otherwise you go to prison and get a fine. Police authority is a domination, it’s supported by an even higher domination.

So, this form of domination is active domination, while the other one is passive. Let Him explain this to you: when a dominant wolf wants to dominate the clan, it’s not the same as a human active dominant. The wolf is passive, he doesn’t think, he acts according to his instinct, unlike men (who are like animals), they’re in calculation, suspicion, they manipulate, plot to dominate others.

It is said of man that he’s “fierce like a wolf”. But a wolf is by no means fierce, it has nothing to do with manipulative men. Wolf doesn’t kill for pleasure, only for food, unlike animal-men who, can kill for money, betray their best friend, take someone else’s place… Why give such an image of the wolf and portray it that way?


Dominators surround you, but this state is also in you, it’s everywhere.


But there are two ways of being a dominator, one positive and the other negative, as explained before. But who is the dominator if not an ego more developed than the others? In politics, egos are well developed to be able to crush the masses and make people do exactly as they’re told. One day we’re dominated, the other we’re dominant, depending on how we think or act. Sometimes events take you into this duality of domination.

See the state of your country, it’s the reflection of what you think. You let all this happen, and now politicians have all power over your freedom, scaring you with a virus, creating a pandemic when it suits them, because fear makes one lose all means. Don’t think that this is linked to the virus. More than a month of confinement, prisoners at home, why? Anyway, it’ll be more than that! To make you swallow the pill; what makes you so sure that you won’t be more trapped at home? You will be much more confined, and your fear will become greater!

But this virus shouldn’t be taken lightly either, it’s more serious than what you might think. A third world war is looming on the horizon, He already said it to and fro. He’s been warning about it for years now. Perhaps this war won’t be nuclear, but will take the form of collective vaccination, to destroy your health capital, to make you die. And when you come out of your confinement, you will be facing the economic crash organized by banks and heads of state on behalf of banks. Newspapers don’t give real information, they’re part of all this manipulation. What you should do, is to buy newspapers that give you the right information, and never buy the others again. This way, they’ll go out of business.


Media are accomplices!


But people are like a bunch of fish, following the head, turning left and right. Governments manipulate the sleeping mass, with medicine as accomplice. To govern, one has to frighten with laws, rules… the whole manipulative motorcade. Now what can you do to get out of this situation? Actually not much, there’s absolutely nothing you can do. It’s too late, understand that. But well, some went to vote. As the President said, he left it open for people to vote, which is very important.


Why vote?

For whom?

…since nothing has changed!

Since everything’s already in place.


It’s time to open your eyes to the manipulation of all governments. What’s happening here, is happening elsewhere: manipulation, lies, money embezzlement, murders, etc. We must come to an end with politics, it hasn’t done any good for decades: wars, murders, diseases… They let you believe that everything will be back to what it used to be, but nothing will ever be as before. 

White Wolf has seen so much that you would take him for a fool. Look at this very beautiful, very rich planet, we made it a dumping ground for nuclear waste, plastic. This Earth was terrestrial paradise, today it’s the infernal paradise, because demons and angels clash on Earth, and their spirits make war with each other from up there too. Before physical combat took place on Earth, it had already started before that up above. If he told you that war’s at your doorstep and that mass extermination is on the way, you’d say: “Wow, the disaster film, He’s pessimist! “. Go read the other interviews where He said the volcanoes would wake up. War can be nuclear or bacteriological, but it can also happen through lies, manipulation creating fear, as it is now. They know how to govern by fear, they were taught by their Master.


Instead of wishing, pursuing, wanting, time has come to ask for Inner Peace.


And if you don’t possess it, hurry up to develop it so that it blossoms immediately. He wrote songs 18 years ago, and He predicted everything that happens today. Several times in initiations, He said what was going to happen, but they may have thought: “We have time.” Yes, time flies very quickly and today you have hit a wall! (See the train story in act I)

Human and political madness based on “economy” can lead to the darkest abyss of humanity. We’re at the edge of this abyss, and we’re slowly sliding.


Scenario, just a scenario…

Now let’s take a scenario: The eradication of half of the population. How to do it ?
Create a pandemic, request confinement so that everyone stays imprisoned at home. If you get out you pay a fine and you go to jail.
Here, we can see the domination by the law, by a decree, if you don’t respect it, you go to prison or pay a fine. But now that it comes to your wallet, you think to yourself: “Good, I don’t want to pay a fine and even less go to prison”. In addition, any gathering is prohibited, you must stay at home, in your tax residence, to be sure that if you die, one can declare “Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so is dead”.

They confine you at home, in your cage, they prevent you from leaving, they close the borders, instead of you being in the forest trying to escape. But all this also serves a massive vaccination by implanting a chip “not on you but inside you” (words of a song from LB written 18 years ago), for total control on your freedom with the help of 5G. Mother Earth is also saturated with electromagnetic waves, 400 satellites revolve around the Earth. We’re all in a Faraday cage, and the cherry on the cake, 5G. He learned that the government planned to send 50,000 satellites around the Earth. This means the Earth will be gridded, we will all be affected by this electronic and not cosmic radiation. How can cosmo-telluric exchanges happen in such conditions?


They want us to be like robots, programmed for slavery.


Good disaster scenario haha, but who can say where the truth is / will be (laughs)? He imagines scenari because you have to hang on to know the truth, but the truth is elsewhere. World domination over individuals has been underway since 2012. But it’s certain that it goes back much further, Him had the vision, in the years 1993, of what is looming now. He then wrote a text that He put to music, entitled: Slaves of 2012. The song will be available for you to listen in the last part of this letter.

Well, the way to get out of all this, is to pray, meditate, and take lots of miso soup. It’s very good for strengthening the yang in you, instead of tea you can drink it at least twice a day. Stay positive, don’t be afraid, what ought to happen already does and will do, even if you’re afraid. Then fear, lowers your energy potential, because it vibrates at a lower frequency than courage, faith, love, inner peace, etc. After this test, you’ll have to get out of these powerful devils’ domination, take back your freedom, your power, no longer allow yourself to be led like a bunch of fish.
Your life belongs to you, it does not belong to medicine and even less to laboratories, not even to politics or religion. You are a Spirit in a body above anything else. Fear will make you lose all your means, keep your mind clear and open.

Await, since you’ve been doing this all your life! Wait for the verdict of these politicians and their darkness. He thinks, regarding this virus and any of the viruses they ever created, the issue should have been grasped with both hands, if not never existed. He’s putting anyone on trial here, not the politicians, nor medicine or religion.

Part 3 coming soon…

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