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White Wolf‘s drum symbolizes the four directions as well as the four races.
A few nights ago, from 11pm to a late hour, He made the OM sound while playing the shamanic drum and gave it to the four races, through a ceremony.
He played for the protection of this planet, so that human beings wake up. He also played against this virus, but in a detached way. He has seen some things that will happen, but for the moment, He doesn’t want to talk about it. All He wants to tell us is this: the situation is much worse than we think. It is necessary to reflect on our life, our involvement in life. What have we done with our life? We are used to telling ourselves that we have time to do this or to change, but time will catch up with all os us, one day or another, and the angel of death will strike us, and time will be over.
Let us get on our knees, let us ask forgiveness for the animals of this unspeakable barbarity, let us ask forgiveness for the Earth, for those we have hurt, and finally let us forgive ourselves for all this time that we lost, and which we can never make up.


Open letter to whoever reads it,

– This may be the last news you will have from Him –


“He” or “Him” refers to White Wolf, these pronouns are written with a capital letter so that we can understand that He’s talking about Him. In some articles, “We” is also used for the same purpose.


Hello to all of you,


He told Himself that never again He would write, or give an interview, since people only take without giving anything in return. “Giving” in the sense of exchanging, leaving a comment on what impact the interview brought, but instead, they write just a word: thank you. “Thank you” doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a quick word: thank you, thank you for taking, thank you, I’ve eaten this meal of words. This society is only a consumer society, we consume food, we consume information that we make our own.

That said, He’s going to tell you about what’s going on today with this virus, which is just a plague. It was not sent by God, but created by evil men, as for the AIDS which was created by human hands. Not so long ago, He said it through interviews: everything would go very quickly. Today, humanity is up against the wall of its own destruction. All human values ​​are being trampled, people are pushed to perversion by watching movies that induce certain directions when it comes to sexuality and so.

Humanity is on the verge of its own destruction, war is coming, a third one more deadly than the other two, because the technology of weapons is getting more and more devastating. We owe all this to political leaders. He wonders why we are still voting to put mad and incapable people in power. They may shake their diplomas, but it doesn’t make them intelligent, because they lack awareness. They only like having control, because they are only dominants. The people are, thus, dominated, manipulated, led… The fault lies with the people, and their lack of Consciousness.


We are still in the Middle Ages: the peasants owe total obedience to the lord who rules over his lands.


Each president is a bit like this lord who dominates the peasants on his land, France with his president, America with his president, Russia, China … We have divided Mother Earth with borders, we must show a pass to circulate (passport). If you don’t have this endorsement from the government (the lord), you cannot leave his territory. So, we are still in the Middle Ages. The Earth belongs to all, we should circulate freely without endorsement of a lord (president). There should be no borders, but a free circulation of the different ethnic groups.


We are all brothers and sisters of the same Father-Mother, we are only one family, that of the Supreme Spirit.


The white man has stolen the land of red men, of aborigines and colored people, and often, the white man also steal land from other white men. So, tell me why?

Why fight for a piece of land, to plunder the resources of others? Why so much greed for the white race to plunder, deforest, pollute the oceans, slaughter animals relentlessly, why? The white man may be a virus on the planet, more dangerous than the one running around at the moment. Don’t think this message is racist, no. Just an observation on History. The white man is a dominant breed, but one day it will be dominated in turn. The wheel spins. Of course, He doesn’t put all the whites in the same bag, please understand that. Here, He only speaks of people without consciousness. He does it without judgment, without contempt or hatred, He just says what needs to be said.

It will be said that the white man has brought civilization, progress, to end up exterminated by its own progress. Scientists play with the atom, neutron … But they don’t have the absolute control over this! All your power plants are cracked and release into the atmosphere their poisons which little by little pollute the air. Now, 5G is installed worldwide, the earth is covered by a grid of electromagnetic waves.

How to stay healthy in this faraday cage? The body must be strong, it was not created for all these pollutions. It was created to live in harmony with nature, to contemplate the beauty and harmony of this earthly paradise, because paradise is here, but instead we made it hell. And today, you are experiencing this hell. Such a small thing as a virus makes everyone tremble, it can bring humanity to its knees. To see it, you even need a microscope. There are a lot of viruses waiting for one thing: to break out. He’s talking about viruses that Mother Earth creates to defend herself, much like antibodies that are made to destroy an unwanted host. Then, there are the viruses created by man, for war, to eradicate a race, these viruses are not part of natural viruses, they are viruses released to make money to create a vaccine…

Now, having said all of this, we will change direction, if you may. Anyway, He’s the one writing so, whether you like it or not, it won’t change anything ahah!




Stop focusing on this virus, you are giving it much more importance that it already has. You reinforce it every time you name it. Ignore it. If you’re always thinking about it, you will surely attract it. Focus your attention on something else: on spring, on the flowers, the birdsong.


Set your mind on Life.

The power of Life is still here, despite the fact that dark men want the destruction of this world (political leaders). Don’t panic. As they say, fear doesn’t prevent from danger.


From the start of this pandemic, He said, “It is much more serious than people think, do not take the instructions lightly. ” For those who work with us, you have the Spirals of Life®, practices to strengthen your immune system. For those who are in the Darshan, well, you are in a separate space. You have to open your heart, your consciousness and get on your knees and implore the forgiveness of Sky and Earth, and your own forgiveness. Although the Sky will not help. Yes, the help is over, humanity is left to its own fate and must get out of this situation on its own. How?


We are in the middle of KALI-YUGA, the age of destruction. That’s why the war, the third war, is taking shape in the distance, which will be as devastating as crazy the people who are governing are.


You have to enter into your inner peace and not worry about anything else. Obviously, if a person needs help, you must help as much as you can. You have all the affirmations of Ananda-Yoga, the practices you have received in initiations and that of Spirals of Life®. Go through this ordeal like warriors and not like timbers!

Remember the Spirit is the strongest, Love is the strongest. Inner peace is the only shield, because it can strengthen your aura, this mantra alone is effective, provided you don’t interpret it with your mind. A CD of the mantra is available on the shop, for free, you may listen to it over and over:


“Be still and know that I Am God”

(French translation : “Sois en Paix et sache que Je suis Dieu”)


The album of the mantra is available, for free, here.
It was recorded in 
French, mother-tongue of White Wolf.
However, we can listen to it, because the Verb of White Wolf works on people regardless of the language or culture.

The complete guided meditation of the mantra is available here : interview.

 The Divine is the only master on board, if He decides to call you with this virus, however much you hide yourself, it will be useless. He is the one who gives birth to you and He is the one who recalls your life. The Lord of Karma directs everything but leaves you your free will, your free choice: to behave unconsciously or with conscience. 

The story of the train and the station manager,
by White Wolf.

Most people think they have time to change what needs to be changed within them, but when the time is up, well, it’s too late. It’s a bit like taking a train. We repeat ourselves: “Oh but I have time anyway, I will arrive on time. “

But along the way, we wasted our time focusing on ephemeral things. And when time is almost at its limit to take your train, you stumble, you get up again, and finally, you arrive to take the train. You ask the station manager about the train leaving for the change (new country).

“But sir, you are too late, you are 10 minutes late (10 years)!

– Is that so! When is the next train?

– Not before several days (several years).

– What should I do?

– Well, go back home, or wait on the station platform for another train to pass (a ConscienceAwakener)!

– Can it be long?

– Yes sir, very long. This train is to be taken in this life, it must be grasped when you have the opportunity of taking this train. It takes you to the final destination, that of your transformation.

– But is there another way to travel?

– Yes by many paths, straight, curved, tortuous lines, it will be a long journey to get there, let’s hope you arrive quickly, because time doesn’t make any gifts! If there are several of you on this trip, you can always support each other.

– Unfortunately, I am alone. Everyone I know is probably on the train.

– Then sir, I can’t do anything for you! “

This man returns home, downcast and sad. He is remorseful and says to himself:

“Had I known, I would have listened more to what the Awakener said, why didn’t I realize the importance of life? The importance of each seed he gave me to sow in my heart? Yet, I have seen these pearls bloom, my life has changed. But I remained attached to my person, to my individuality, I made mine everything he said, believing that it was mine.

But I didn’t water my secret garden well to give life to all this celestial seed that I had received. What to do now, wait for the next train? Water the seeds in my garden to see it flower? Or remain depressed, helpless facing this situation, that I had to change even more and tirelessly?

I’m not going to wait for the train to arrive without doing anything, I will act and make sure to prepare for a new train. “

This man, after several months, phones the station.

“Hello, is there a train leaving for change?

– Alas, no sir. “

After several months, he calls again.

“Hello, is there a train leaving for change?

– Alas, no sir. “

He does this, many times. One day, he gets sick, and leaves his body, he rises in the ether and sees in the distance a white form coming towards him. He wonders who it can be.

The white form approaches him, and says:

“It took you a long time to get here, you missed the train. But the seeds planted in you gave fruit, you took your courage in both hands instead of being down for having missed the train. You decided to behave like a warrior, that’s why I came here to pick you up to bring you to the place where I was born, so that you live happily among your brothers and sisters of light. “

The story ends well, but not all stories end this way. He who has ears, let him hear; He who has a heart, let him be touched;


He who has eyes, let him open them wide to see the beauty of our Celestial Father-Mother.


Life is hard for those who don’t understand, but life is lenient for those who respect it! May Light, Beauty, Love be your shield in these days of trials. There is a pendant and an after. Will they understand the aftermath to change all their ways of thinking and acting? Only the future will tell us, if there is a future. War can come over tomorrow, in a month, months or a year.

Get out of your own mental war and the world will be fine and so will you!

Receive His brightest thoughts and shields of light

White Wolf


Part 2 coming soon…


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