chamanisme de l'origine marguerite terre

To all the Presidents of the Planet,


He addresses you through this letter from the heart, not the intellect. You know, the heart that beats at the rhythm of life, the same heart that dwells in the body of every people. This heart that ignites before love, and becomes hateful when it’s hurt, this heart that loves, hates or pours out compassion and sow blessing.

This heart that no longer loves, so burdened with resentment that it suffers and develops hatred for others, and especially for herself or himself. This heart that wants to see half of the population exterminated. Are you one of these hearts, Mister Presidents and leaders?

He’s just asking, because when with regards to your acts, one can ask:


Who drives your heart?

What strength is driving you?

Is it the race for power?

Is money your God?

And don’t you have any awareness of good and evil?


A heart that truly loves can’t be animated by all these illusions, but yours, obviously can.

For now, you’re in power, but one day, you’ll be at the bottom of the ladder of power! The wheel of Cosmic Law keeps on turning, one day up and one day down. These are only questions, no judgment, only observations.

A heart that truly loves always reaches out to those who ask for it, and those who don’t ask for it. Perhaps the power has obscured your eyes, but you just need to clean them with the abundant and regenerating water of Love. Perhaps your heart will open and look at humanity in its beauty, instead of ugliness. Can you imagine your heart opening to beauty, to the splendor of beauty?

Imagine for a moment your heart opened, you would see the suffering you bring to your people, you, the Presidents and leaders of all countries. Hence the question: are you heartless?

He doesn’t think that the Great Creator gave us a heart without the capacity to love one another. This Creator isn’t far from you, it’s your Consciousness, the greatest in you, not the one you use every day to do the worst things. All Creation is built on the Law of Love. Do you think you’re above the Creator?

Presidents and leaders, do not become dictators. All human beings are different, you cannot put everyone in the same mold, it’s impossible. Each human being has a destiny, a direction. How can you rule over others, since you are incapable of ruling over yourself?

Mister Presidents and leaders, He only says what He thinks, and somewhere in a corner of your consciousness invaded by the shadow of your human and ephemeral power, a little glimmer of love, a spark not yet extinguished, may wake up and illuminate your darkness. That’s His wish for you, Mister Presidents and leaders of this world.

He can understand that you are led by a force, a powerful family. Is it from this dimension? Another dimension? Or underground …?

Or simply in your hearts and in your conscience almost extinguished, due to a lack of the water of Love ? Because your actions to kill people, make it sick for profit, you have to be a little evil, even completely mad to do it. Do you think that after life, you’ll go unnoticed before those who guard the door opening towards the sky ?
The purpose of this letter is to speak to you, not to condemn you, even if sometimes you may think He judges, He doesn’t. Who is He to judge?

Bathe in this inexhaustible Source of Love, and be purified, sanctified by the Seal of Love! Here, it’s not a question of religion, or philosophy. They’re just unanswered questions, because you’re hiding the truth to the people of all countries of the world. You say that you care for the people, but in reality you’re doing the opposite. He doesn’t know if you’re going to read this letter, it doesn’t matter, He wrote this letter in the Universe.

He’s asking the question and at the same time, asking it to all of you Presidents and leaders of the planet: have you ever stopped before Water, our sister so humble and helpful, have you seen all Her nobility? She serves the poor and the rich, but the wealthy industrialists have taken Her over and sold Her in bottles as a vulgar product. Don’t you see all Her nobility? Tirelessly, water gives of herself to all, without any distinction of skin color, race, religion …

Mister Presidents and leaders, who support the sale of Water our sister, you make great profits; you know that water is an important element in the life of any living creature, even plants, grass, trees, animals need it. 

It’s possible that one day, you might have stayed to listen to Her song which soothed you in a fantastic, romantic reverie. Listen, keep your ears open, open your heart, she tells you:

chamanisme de l'origine vague et écume

” I love you with all my passion.

Take this water and be no longer thirsty,

I Am Love, the Source of Life in You!

You are my Children, I divide myself into

as many fragments of water, rivers,

streams, springs, streams,

oceans, seas, rain … “

Mister Presidents and leaders of the world, don’t worry, the little love that is left in yourself for your distant fellows may forgive you thanks to the Law of Love. Because Love is your Mother, and Forgiveness your Father. Mister Presidents and world leaders, you may think that you’re above all of this, but you’re indeed lying to yourself as you’re lying to others.

Each country has divided the Sky into several sections, a Russian sky, a French sky, an American, German, African, Asian … Even the oceans and seas have been divided into pieces according to your countries. But the Creator didn’t divide, because for Him, you’re all his children, black, white, yellow, red.

You’ve also divided the people through political or religious convictions. You’ve divided yourselves: you and God, you and others.
Forgive Him if this part on the heart was long and perhaps painful to read; we’re not of the same world. You are from here, He’s from elsewhere, from a place where you could never go. Another place awaits you, a place commensurate with all your negative actions.

A well-known scholar said:


” Never do anything against your Consciousness,
even if the state asks you to. “

Albert Einstein


He wonders, and asks the question to all of you, the Presidents and leaders of the planet:


” Have you lost your heart ? “


Because when He looks up to all this violence in the world, He wonders if you can govern wisely. He knows nothing about politics, but you know nothing about Love! Of course, you do love, in your own way, that of the ego; you go first, the others come after.

How can one govern with lies and hatred for others, can you please explain to Him? How can one be the First Man of a nation and behave like any robber of a society that you have created and abuse of? The First Man should be an example, you’re like the Pope, the one of the nation, just like the Pope of religion is the Pope of his faith.

What’s the point of being the First Man in politics, if it’s to lead the nation into the abyss of power, and to wage war to get out of it, where a lot of lives are going to be sacrificed unnecessarily? What is the point of being the First Man of Religion, being the Pope, and leading the flock to hell, as a sacrifice to the Devil? Why preach the word if it’s not heard, because one wants to believe in a lie, simpler than to question oneself?
To be the First Man of a country or a religion should be an example for the herd or the people. Do you want to be remembered as dictators who shed blood, bad people, without any consciousness, feeding on the blood and vital breath of humans, kingdom to which you belong? The people voted for you, they believed in you, and you, what have you done with your beautiful promises and your beautiful speeches, which most of the time aren’t even written by you?

Mister Presidents, being the First Man or the First Woman is a karmic responsibility. You are there, at the head of a people, because your Karma led you there, to see what you would do having this function: permanent chaos or a sweet harmony where you would sow seeds of hope and mutual help. Being the First Man or the First Woman is a hard task, but if you love the people and you are being straight, in return you’ll have their love and their righteousness. But instead, you create a single mold where you want to put everyone in, you create chaos instead of Harmony.

Mister Presidents, do you know what a woman or a man is for Him? They’re the one who stand up to defend their freedom, and furthermore, the freedom of others. They stand up to say no to animal slaughter, no to animal genocide, no to excessive deforestation in the Amazon and other regions, no to slavery and no to organ trafficking! No to poverty, no to race differences, there are so many “no” to be said in the Chaos that you have created.

Mister Presidents, do you think that you’ll escape from the Hell you have created on Earth? Do you think you’ll escape your own judgment when comes the time of your death? Because you may think you are illustrious, important people, but you will die like everyone else, you will also age, perhaps the disease will await you at a turning point of your life. And on your deathbed, you won’t be able to say: “We have accomplished our task the best we could, we can leave in peace, we have nothing to blame ourselves for. We did good whenever we could, anytime we could. ”
Instead, you have been tyrants for others, continuously establishing prohibitions, thus creating a racketeering business, like highwaymen robbing travelers. You no longer know what to invent to penalize the people, stealing from them the nice sounding crowns.
Yes, when time will come to leave for the final journey, you’ll do your examination of conscience, because you’ll be afraid of Death who will come to visit you.

She’ll tell you :

” It’s time to go. “

You’ll say :

” But I want to stay a little more alive.”

She’ll say :

” It’s time to go. “

You could always imagine stratagems to trick her, as you did so well during your lifetime, but there, there will be no bribe, nor any amount of money proposed for an extension of your life, not even great promises, nothing will do, nothing…

You’ll say :

” Give us another chance ? “

She’ll answer :

” It’s time to go ! “

And there, the self-judgment of your actions will begin and you’ll be put where you need to be, which is in the Hell that you’ve created.

You may say :

” But we didn’t know ! “

You’ll be told :

” Yes, you did know ! “

You will go through 49 endless days, the ascent of your Soul or the regression of it, preparing you to live a difficult incarnation from life to life, to redeem your behavior as First Woman or First Man.

Just before you close your eyes, you may be asking God for forgiveness for all this blood shed, for all your lies, all these lives shattered by your wars, your plots, your manipulation at all levels. God will surely listen to you, but He won’t even blink an eye. Because, as a matter of fact, God won’t judge you, but your conscience will!


Part 2 coming soon…
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3 années plus tôt

Amazing words from the heart, so much truth, courage and sincerity. Thanks a lot White Wolf for your strength to always stand up and defend our planet Earth and Humanity against the ones who would like to destroy and kill all life through manipulation, just for power. Let us all stand up together to fight for our freedom. Om Shanti