Keys to Life Keys to Success and Shamanism of Origin

Keys to Life Keys to Success was transmitted for the first time in November 2000. This cycle of initiations completes the palette of techniques of self-knowledge transmitted by Loup Blanc within the framework of Shamanism of the Origin.

Create new realities thanks to Keys of Life Keys to success, your projects take shape after exploring the past to identify the origin of problems and dissatisfactions; then you create in accordance with cosmic laws a future of abundance and joy.

Keys to Life Keys to Success is a dive into the energy of thought-force and creativity. It is a teaching and an initiation of 4 modules of two days each.

Each module is embellished with readings, questionnaires, special practices giving access to all our mental potential and thus revealing the keys to success on the 4 planes of Life. All these practices allow introspection and deep work on oneself. We thus learn the practice of PPA, a transcendental technique that allows us, from the Present, to bring back and transmute the energies of the Past to prepare for the Future.

From one module to another, we move from the energy of the square, the matter to that of the triangle, the spiritual then of the circle, the divine and finally the point, the Source, for a deep purification on each of these planes. and thus reveal our full creative and creative potential.

  • In modulethe square, matter our relationship to material life is explored and our physical and existential needs. We learn the basics of the PPA technique, as well as the keys to thought-force to learn how to use it.
  • In module2  the triangle, the spiritual we work on the relationship to ourselves- themselves and to others. Purification work on the different energy centers is initiated through the different techniques learned.
  • In module 3 the circle, the divine we open up to our inner world, our representation of it and to our deepest aspirations. We begin to explore our creativity more deeply through workshops to express and anchor our aspirations.
  • In module 4 the point, the Source we learn to relate to the Source within us, source of all abundance, creativity, Light, energy and radiance within us.

Keys to Life Keys to Success is for anyone wishing to know themselves better, wishing to change and transform their life, to understand the cosmic laws and the Thought Force. Questionnaires shed light on our destructive and hindering patterns. Using powerful tools, these are transmuted to open the doors to our future. tab_id=”1474504626972-d368b321-0310″]

Keys to Life Keys to Success is a powerful evolution tool to bring us closer to the source of this creative potential within us. This cycle of initiations allows us to touch this potential within us, through concrete practices and keys, to fully embody what we are.

The door of change opens from within and we become co-creators.

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