Keys to Life Keys to Success and Shamanism of the Origin

Shamanism of Origin is a path of awakening taught by White Wolf Yogi-Shaman. This spiritual path is rich in teachings from shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, primitive Christianity…

In fact, Wolf White transmits practices that he received directly by the Spirit in previous incarnations or during this life.

Through Keys of Life Keys of success you create new realities, your projects take shape after exploring the past to identify the origin of problems and dissatisfaction; then you create in accordance with cosmic laws a future of abundance and joy.

It is a teaching and an initiation of 4 modules of two days that was transmitted for the first time in November 2000. We start with the energy of the square to the triangle then the circle and finally the Source p. In module 1, the square, we explore our relationship to material life and our physical and existential needs. In module 2, the triangle, we work on the relationship to ourselves and to others. In module 3, the circle, we open ourselves to our inner world, our deep aspirations and the challenge in this life. In module 4, the source point or dot, we learn to relate to the source of light, energy and radiation.

Keys to Life Keys to Success is for any adult who wants to get to know each other better, wanting change, transformation, understanding of cosmic laws and Thought Force. Questionnaires highlight our destructive and hindering patterns. By powerful tools these are transmuted.

Because it is a powerful tool of evolution that allows us to approach the source within us and the creative power. The door to change opens from within and we become co-creators.

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